Travel Insurance is available in two variant, we will discuss essentially only Overseas Travel Insurance here:-

A-Domestic Travel insurance.

B-Overseas Travel Insurance(OTI).

These Insurance are available in India with different names by various Insurance Company. However, all these plans have certain common basic features. OTI is available for Individuals, Students as well as corporates for single trip or multi trip in a year.

Common basic features:-

Personal Accidental
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit (Common Carrier)
Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses Reimbursement
Sickness Dental Relief
Emergency Medical Evacuation Benefit
Repatriation of Remains
Baggage Delay Benefit (After first 12 hrs)
Checked Baggage Loss Benefit
Loss of Passport Benefit
Personal Liability Benefit
Flight Delay
Automatic extension of policy upto 7 days
Emergency cash advance
Fraudulent Charges (Payment Card Security)
Home Burglary (In Rs.)
Trip Cancellation
Trip Curtailment
Missed Connection/Missed Departure


Applicable  exclusions :

Medical expenses beyond the expiry of the policy period.

Suicide, wilfully self-inflicted injury or illness.

Manual work or hazardous occupation, self-exposure to needless peril(except in an attempt to save human life)

Experimental, unproven or non-standard treatment.

Delay of baggage when the intended destination is in India.

Loss which is not reported to the appropriate policy authority within 24 hours of the discovery of loss

Participation in winter sports, sky-diving/parachuting, hang gliding, bungee jumping, scuba diving, mountain climbing.

Insurer shall be under no liability to make payment in respect of any routine physical or other examination.

Losses arising directly or indirectly from manual work or hazardous occupation, self-exposure to needless peril (except in an attempt to save human life) or if engaging in any criminal or illegal act.

Pregnancy, resulting childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, or complication arising out of any of the foregoing.

Experimental, unproven or non-standard treatment.

Treatment by any other system other than modern medicine (also known as Allopathy).

Any medical condition or complication arising from it which existed before the commencement of the policy period, or for which case, treatment or advice was sought, recommended by or received from a physician.