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Are you done packing your bags? Don’t forget your ticket, your passbook, your camera… And
most importantly your Travel Insurance.
Now you might be wondering that if you are already secured with life insurance, why is travel
insurance required? Having Travel Insurance is as important as any other insurance. Whether
you are travelling within India or abroad, possessing a travel insurance plan offers you coverage
in case of any travel emergencies or medical emergencies that arise during your trips.
When we think of our holiday travels, it is obvious to not have or want the worrisome events
cross our minds. We would never want think of something bad happening during our travels. So
then why not keep all the worries at bay and enjoy the vacation by getting travel insurance. Then
if your flight gets delayed or cancelled or you happen to lose certain important documents or
even if you fall ill or get injured, travel insurance will provide financial compensation based on
the insurance coverage. With such security you can handle such unplanned events and expenses
in a better manner.
Healthcare falls quite heavy on the pocket. And moreover when travelling abroad, there are even
bigger risks and expenditures that may arise unexpectedly. For example think of the medical
costs overseas. It differs a lot as compared to the costs in India. Being travel insured saves you
from not only the minor expenses but it even acts as an important support in case of any serious
life-threatening situation. At times there are even obstacles that arise when a deceased member
needs to be brought back home from a foreign land. Comprehensive travel insurance even covers
repatriation of remains, making the legal processes less excruciating. Some travel insurance even
offer personal liability coverage where if there are third party damages in the form of property
damage or if a third party individual is affected by the insured. In such emergencies, the
expenses would be covered.
Possessing travel insurance is not a choice. It is mandatory by few countries. So when you travel
abroad get travel insured so that you are not prohibited from entering that foreign country. When
choosing a travel insurance policy, know your specific travel requirements, the destinations you
often travel to, compare the different travel insurance plans and secure your travels.
Enjoy the holidays! Wish you safe and happy journeys!