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INSURANCE- A need and not an option

No one wishes to ever imagine something wrong or bad happening to them, their loved ones, their possessions. But then we can never predict the next minute, the next hour, day, week….of our life. This is where insurance plays a major role. Now you may have few responsibilities but later there’ll be people you will depend on you, your loved ones towards whom you have certain financial obligations. And even if you are a single individual going about with your life, there are many financial questions that need to be solved. Insurance should be seen as that aspect of life that cannot be taken lightly.

You may think why do you need insurance at a young age when you are all fit and fine? But then the fact that no one knows the future is one of the reasons anyone and everyone requires to be insured. A student needs to pay off debts and student loans. Being insured will ensure that after you, those debts are not passed on to your family. Plus even if you aren’t currently having a family of your own you still have your parents and/or siblings whose responsibility is on you. And you need to make sure of their health and financial security to a certain extent as well.

Then moving on to the next chapter of your life where you get married. Here the financial necessitieschange. You both decide on buying a home and that brings on additional costs. Insurance makes these burdens manageable and it’ll provide coverage when you decide on starting your family in the future. Then later the needs and future of your children become one of your priorities where their dreams and

goals need to be fulfilled. There’s a family that’s dependent on you. And if both the parents are working, then it is easier to make ends meet but for a single bread earner or moreover a single parent needs to be more prepared. Having insurance will make fulfilling these obligations much easier. Now the later part of your life where your children have grown and become independent, you may feel that now there’s nothing to worry about. But then you and your spouse still need to see to your financial needs be it little or more. The health bills and other sudden necessities that come along need some sort of
assistance so that you live a carefree peaceful life.

Insurance is for you if you want to secure your future, if you have loved ones who depend on you, if you
have some other responsibilities and obligations to carry out. So go and get your peace insured.